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I specialize in Creative Portraiture and the documentation of Intimate Moments. Basically I love photographing people, both together and alone! Individuals, lovers, parent(s)-to-be, families, ceremonies of love (weddings), and behind-the-scenes photography all call to me. 

Humans are fascinating creatures and therefore they are my favorite subject to photograph, whether that's through making imagery that captures the magnificent and magical feelings of being deeply in love, or using my camera to photograph the unique essence of someone's beautiful, individual aliveness in a portrait session. When I am behind my camera I am watching and listening for the in-between moments. The instant when vulnerability shines in the eyes, the subtle gestures and reactions that are beautifully unique to that individual or couple, the precious glance or laugh that only a loved one understands, but that we can all recognize as real and raw. The perfectly imperfect moments of life.


Movement, emotion, softness, music, nature, self expression, intimacy, and natural light guide my work. Creatives and curious people have my heart.


Portraiture, Lovers, Parent(s)-to-Be, Families


Elopements and Small Weddings

starting at $1950


starting at $500

Based in Portland, OR and Nashville, TN, but happy to travel anywhere. 

Local shoots (Portland and Nashville) may take place in town or within a two hour radius of the city at no extra charge.


To learn more about the photoshoot process, please fill out my contact form or email me. I always set up a time for us to chat on the phone or meet over coffee so we an connect and talk all about the details and inspiration for a shoot,

plus I really like to get to know you! 

Contact: / 503-888-2398

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