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Karen is the owner of Portland's Yoga Pearl, and former owner of Prasad, Prasad East and Harlow. On this episode of Right at the Fork, Karen tells Chris and Cort why she sold her restaurants, bought a van, and hit the road.

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Episode 3: Let's Talk About Food

July 10, 2019


Episode: 58

In this episode of Titanium Blonde, Sherry Eckert and Karen Pride have an open conversation about surviving the 2020 pandemic, both on a personal level and in the business world, going after dreams even when we don't know how the story will play out, travel, cooking and creating ceramics. This is a conversation to listen to for inspiration to help you step beyond where you might be and begin manifesting something new.

Karen Pride: Chef & Wellness Entrepreneur

On this episode of Magical Humans, Vania Vananina talks to Karen about why she chose the career path she did, the process of opening restaurants, the challenges of being a young female business owner and the challenges of managing a team.



EP. 83 Karen Pride : Entrepreneur, Chef, Ceramicist

In this episode, We Never Met podcast host Sam Kirkegaard meets entrepreneur, chef, yogi, photographer, and ceramicist, Karen Pride. They chat about growing up in the Midwest, working in the culinary industry, owning three restaurants in Portland, Eastern philosophy, juggling four businesses at once, yoga, burning out, veganism, pursuing your own path, ceramics, and more/less lists.

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