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Hello, I'm Karen. A joy seeking, light chasing, curious, adventurous, energetic sagittarius with deep passion for creativity, food, experiences, travel and business. I'm an optimist with a heart that loves too easily. Sometimes I make and sell pottery. I was raised in a tiny midwestern town but found my home in Portland, Oregon 18 years ago. Prior to being a full-time photographer I was a restauranteur and a yoga studio owner. That chapter of my life was incredible and exhausting!

Now, as a photographer, I spend much of my time delighting in nuance and getting lost in patterns of light. My camera is the tool that I use to try and make sense of this wild existence. People are my favorite subject. The in-betweens, vulnerability, essence, intimacy, connection, aliveness and the perfectly-imperfectness that is being are the key components that drive my work.

Thank you for showing up here and exploring this little home of mine on the internet. Wholeheartedly, I welcome you, and one day soon I would love to make images with you.

Occasionally I send out a newsletter called Between Us. It is full of musings, links I love, info about upcoming photography sessions and travel destinations, events and whatever else my heart is beating for that month. Sign up here to stay connected!

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