Ambition, passion, creativity, a never ending curiosity, and the belief that we are all connected fuel me to live each day to the best of my ability. Life is such a wild adventure and I am constantly in awe that we get to be here, alive, exploring this beautiful existence.


My curiosity has taken me in many directions and I continue to live life in a multi-faceted way. Over the years I have been a cook, pastry chef, photographer, restauranteur, yoga studio owner, ceramicist, and a consistent traveler. Currently, my love of art and creation has led me to spend my time making photographs and creating ceramics, while living big along the way. From childhood I dreamed of creating this life; one that is full of experiences and gives more than it takes, all while paying the bills by doing what I love. 

Monthly I send out a newsletter called Between Us. It is full of musings, links I love, info about upcoming photography sessions and travel destinations, shop updates, events, maybe even recipes, and whatever else my heart is beating for that month. These newsletters will be real and raw, and will hopefully add a little joy to your day. Sign up here if you’d like to stay connected!

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